What better way to celebrate XMAS than to drink booze from the tree? That is what is being offered to all of us by Costco. Costco is selling the Holiday Whisky Ornament Collection.

According to their Instagram account @costco_empties, they are selling the 12-pack and it will run you $56, basically it's 12 shots of whiskey.

The only thing I can't figure is if the bottles are actually full or not? The Instagram account itself is called @costco_empties. Is that because they are empty or because they will be in a hurry?

It's already a shot in the arm to buy 12 shots for $56 bucks, but if the bottles are simply for looks, we have a problem.

Next year, I'll be selling extremely heavy booze trees for $5,000. There will be about $500 worth of booze hanging from them but I am willing to install them with your help and lighten their load with your assistance as well.

It's all a part of my drink 2020 away booze series which kicks off January 1, 2021 and runs through August 2025. I'll be chock full of ideas that will lighten your wallet and keep my belly full of your booze.

Why not? Look at what Costco is doing. They make you pay for the membership, they get you to buy a pack of ornaments with little liquor bottles for $56 bucks that costs $12 to make and you don't even want these decorations. All you want to do is drink and look at the pretty lights.

P.S. I guarantee that if you buy these ornaments you will regret it the morning after. You know you and your friends are going to drink all twelve bottles. You will invite them over to look at them, guzzle them down and the next morning, you'll be a bucket of regret staring at a failure tree. 

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