Why do some parents handpick specific names for their newborns? Maybe it's because some of those names have incredibly powerful connotations.

When Mindy and I picked out names for our kids, Matthew, Ethan, and Allie, our decisions were based on what we liked, of course, and how their names would fit into everyday life as they grew up. I'm not ashamed to say that I'm a conformist. According to hercampus.com, the following celebrities hold the opposite view. The following are 5 of the weirdest names that celebrities have named their children:

  1. Blue Ivy - Beyonce and Jay-Z
  2. Puma - Erykah Badu
  3. Audio Science - Shannyn Sossamon
  4. Zuma Nesta Rock - Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale
  5. Moon Unit - Frank Zappa

The following are the top 5 girl's names and top 5 boy's names in our great state of Connecticut, according to the Social Security Administration:


  • 1


    Olivia was first used by William Shakespeare in Twelfth Night.

    Famous Olivias:

    1. Olivia Munn - TV and movie actress
    2. Olivia Wilde - TV and movie actress


    Olivia Wilde
  • 1


    Hebrew name meaning, "rest" and "comfort."

    Celebrity Noahs:

    1. Noah Wyle - TV actor
    2. Noah Syndergaard - Mets pitcher


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  • 2


    Emma means "whole" or "universal."

    Famous Emmas:

    1. Emma Watson - Movie Actress
    2. Emma Stone - Movie Actress


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  • 2


    Liam is an Irish name for "strong willed" and "protector."

    Famous Liams:

    1. Liam Neeson
    2. Liam Gallagher - rock singer


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  • 3


    Greek name "wisdom."

    Famous Sophias:

    1. Sofia Vergara
    2. Sophia Loren
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  • 4


    Benjamin is of English origin and means "Son of My Right Hand"

    Famous Benjamins:

    1. Ben Affleck
    2. Ben Stiller



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  • 7


    Ava is of Latin origin and means "Like a Bird."

    Famous Avas:

    1. Ava Gardner
    2. Ava DeVernay
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  • 4


    Logan is a name of Irish origin and it means, "From the hollow."

    Famous Logans:

    1. Logan Lerman
    2. Logan Paul
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  • 9


    Isabella is of Italian origin and means, "God is My Oath"

    Famous Isabellas:

    1. Isabella Rossellini
    2. Isabella Hofman
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  • 10


    Alexander is of Greek origin and means, "Defender of the People."

    Famous Alexanders:

    1. Alexander Hamilton
    2. Alec(Alexander Hamilton
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