It's Hot Dog Season!

Google dug into its own numbers to find the most popular hot dog searches in each state and there were some surprises. For instance, people in Texas appear to be obsessed with the Korean style hot dog, Californians love their Bacon-wrapped hot dog and Seattle is in love with its own brand, the Seattle hot dog.

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Where did Connecticut land on the all-important hot dog question? Nutmeggers are searching for Brazilian Hot Dogs. I think this is black and white evidence of the amazing cultural diversity we enjoy here in CT.

What is a Brazilian Hot Dog?

According to the Brazilian Kitchen, the Brazilian-style hot dog AKA the Cachorro Quente "is cooked in a tomato sauce with sauteed vegetables for extra flavor. They’re not typically cooked on the grill like American hot dogs, and, the best part—they’re topped with crispy , Parmesan cheese, extra sauce and condiments."

Here is a helpful recipe for Cachorro Quente from Chef Paula Romero

I want it! I will have it!

What about our neighbors in New York? Those sickos are searching for white hot dogs where the meat is a combination of pork, beef, and veal. What's weird is none of them look white, they look grey and that is somehow worse. I'd still eat it though, it's meat.

Here are some other interesting takeaways from the study:

  • Red hot dog is #1 in Georgia, North Carolina, and New Hampshire.  But there are two different types.  In the South, it's a spicy dog.  In the Northeast, it's a different kind with a red casing. They're also called "snappers," which is the top search in Maine.
  • Dirty water hot dogs are big in Hawaii.  That's when you boil them and add things like vinegar and garlic powder to the water.
  • Crescent roll hot dog is a popular search in New Mexico.  They're like "pigs in a blanket," but usually bigger and with cheese.
  • Alaska is googling reindeer hot dogs more than any other state.

Check out the rest of the country below 


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