Instagram is all about beauty.

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You have the filtered pictures, exotic destinations and meticulously planned family photos where everyone is wearing matching sweaters. It seems the entire platform is designed to prove to people you live a healthy, comfortable and desirable life.

People don't typically post photos of themselves at the Social Security Admin office on a rainy Wednesday, no! You need sparkle, pizzazz and flashy locations.

So when we say "Instagram worthy", we are talking about places that are fun, colorful and envy inducing. What is Connecticut's #1 Instagram spot? Candlewood Lake.

Ethan Carey
Ethan Carey

According to the Patch, New Jersey Real Estate just published the results of their Instagram study which found that Candlewood Lake was the state's most popular natural attraction hashtag on Instagram.

Ethan Carey
Ethan Carey

Congratulations Candlewood, you remain one of only a handful of reasons Connecticut is awesome.

P.S. I've done this myself, you get out there and you cannot help yourself you have to tell the world you're on the lake. Where is my phone? I need to take and post my 54,000 picture of us on the lake.

Then, your phone starts buzzing and you learn there are tons of people you know who are also on the lake and now they want to meet up with you. They say "hey, come meet us at Gunderson's Way" or whatever and now you have to tell professional level lies to get out of hanging out.

Lie Examples:

  • "Just got a call from my neighbor, my dog was abducted by aliens, I have to go home."
  • "My grandma is on the boat with us and she is afraid of strangers."
  • "This boat is weird, it cannot be tied to another boat or it will sink."
  • "We were just boarded by Candlewood Lake Patrol and they have a drug sniffing dog with them."

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