I enjoy driving alone, as I've mentioned in the past.

Despite my undying affection for my wife, having her ride shotgun can be detrimental to my driving enjoyment. She's always fixated on her phone, preventing me from blasting my cheesy music playlists, not to mention she's always on my case about my driving quirks. Little does she know, I am an excellent driver. Just ask my Driver's Ed instructor from my sophomore days in high school. But I digress.

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I most certainly enjoy Mindy's company when it's time to hit the road for our yearly Connecticut fall foliage tour. There are dozens of websites that recommend the "best" fall foliage road trips throughout New England. I've chosen ctvisit.com because it includes my favorite Connecticut fall road trip, the Litchfield Hills Ramble.

The 'Litchfield Hills Ramble' - 2023's Ideal Fall Foliage Drive

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