As the coronavirus crisis reaches the next level, more and more measures are being put into place to keep people separated at a safe distance. The latest is limiting the number of people at state parks and beaches.

According to a press release sent out by the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, Governor Ned Lamont issued an executive order to prohibit walk-in visitors at State Parks in an effort to maintain social distancing in parks and outdoor spaces. Now the DEEP is announcing plans to limit parking capacity at certain parks to manage visitor levels.

All state parks will remain open for recreation, but the amount of visitors will be monitored, and parking lot's will be closed when the number of people reaches a certain capacity.

Those who enter when a parking area, walkway, or trail is closed, will be subject to penalties like fines, and even arrest. Plus any person who violates the ban will be subject to a 30 day eviction from all state parks and beaches that fall under the DEEP jurisdiction.

These new rules and guidelines will help the DEEP be able to manage the amount of visitors to a park or beach as the warmer weather approaches, and more visitors are anticipated.

All these new steps, plus the other measures that the DEEP has put into place over the last few weeks, are there to ensure the safety of the public, and to enforce the social distancing guidelines.

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