He has gone where only two other players in the show's history have gone before, and after another big, win he's approaching the million dollar milestone.

His name is Matt Amodio and he's a Yale PH.D student. As we reported two weeks ago, Matt's name is now etched in third place in the Jeopardy Hall of Fame for consecutive games won and highest winnings. When you look at the all-time leader board, you'll see names like Ken Jennings and James Holzhauer who are one and two respectively, but look out because here comes Matt Amodio.

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So how does the student and big sports fan look at all his success so far on the show? Well according to wtnh.com, Matt says growing up he would always associate his name with sports greats like Hank Aaron and Babe Ruth, two of the legends in baseball. Now Matt stands in a similar position just behind two Jeopardy legends.

As of Thursday, Matts overall winnings totaled $955,000, and it looks like he's far from ending his historic run.

The winning streak has not been without some minor controversy. If you've been watching the show, you know Matt has a strange peculiar way of giving his answers. All Jeopardy contestants are required to give their answers in the form of a question, and the most common response is "Who Is", but right from his first appearance, Matt developed his own way to do it, and that's using the phrase "what's" before giving his answer.

The unusual response has annoyed many Jeopardy fans, but Matt seems amused by the whole thing. He also mentioned to wtnh.com that a part of him thought it was kind of funny how annoyed everybody was getting, and he's kind of thriving on how many of those people are rooting for him to lose. By the way, it looks like Matt has one Jeopardy record all to himself, and that's the record for using the most "What's" in Jeopardy's history.

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