It's the law, yet it's so often ignored. I'll be honest, in some situations it's very difficult to observe, but you still must move over. Connecticut State Police are asking you to be part of a nation wide campaign on May 26.

What is the "move over" law? It's explained differently by various states, and not every state has such a law. To find out if your state, or the state you might soon be traveling through does, go to

Connecticut does indeed have the law, and it's described by Triple A this way:

State law requires drivers approaching one or more stationary emergency vehicles, including tow trucks, traveling in the same direction, to reduce speed and, if safe and reasonable to do so, vacate the lane closest to the stationary vehicle.

Connecticut State Police are joining in on a nation wide campaign at the start of the Memorial Day weekend, Friday May 26. The Connecticut State Police posted about it on their Facebook page:

The event happens across the U.S. for 24 hours on May 26. Connecticut State Police will be doing the tweet-along, virtual ride-along, with Troop H-Hartford from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.The state police will be sharing patrol activities, and “Move Over” pictures, as well as, messages, and video.

It bares stating, that if you follow along, do it from a stationary spot.

You can follow the virtual ride-along on Twitter @CT_State_Police, and follow the national tweet-along at #MoveOver17

Connecticut State Police will also post some of the tweet-along on Facebook.

Stay safe people. Please don't be distracted while you drive, and always think about the safety of those around you. #MoveOver17

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