Vote of Die, Rock the Vote, Get the Vote Out. American's are expressive and passionate when it comes to voting. Some even go as far to adorn their front lawn and homes with the election sign of the candidate they will be voting for.

You have seen them all over our local area and maybe you are displaying one. Some people put one little sign on the edge of their lawn, others put many little election signs all over their property and others refuse to let you miss who they are voting for, they display the ginormous election sign.

Who are you voting for? Now more than ever that question may be downright offensive to ask someone you don't know and yet here I am asking it. I have a gut feeling you are going to tell us and show us your sign.

Look at it this way, by participating and sharing a photo of your sign you are participating in a pre-election poll that your local politicians are likely to see and sweat over, that's fun.


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