Have you heard about swatting? Who the hell would do this? You may soon pay big time in Connecticut if you're found guilty.

In a nutshell, swatting is when people file an illegal police report that creates the need for a SWAT team response.

Boggles my mind that people would actually create an uproar, scare others and waste valuable resources and money on a hoax.

In a story from ctpost.com a bill that would make the practice of swatting a felony has been passed unanimously in the Connecticut Senate and now moves to the House. The bill is laid out in cga.ct.gov. In addition to felony charges, the bill would require the offender to pay for the wasted law enforcement resources used in swatting incidents.

As covered in cga.ct.gov the purpose of the bill is:

To ensure that swatting is treated as a class D felony offense and that the offender may be held responsible for financial restitution to a municipality or state agency.

God forbid that while someone is pulling a hoax, and first responders are engaged, a real incident occurs. Wasted man power, and the possibility of lost lives in my mind makes this a bill the needs to go all the way. Not only should anyone behind a swatting incident pay a fine, I think they should do jail time too.

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