This story is so Connecticut.

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We have a bit of everything here, bad driving and sustained rage. The story comes from a recent Connecticut Reddit post by someone called Wannabegroundhog who wrote:

"To the person in the dark car with their headlights off who honked at me last night ~7pm...

Maybe if you had your headlights on I wouldnt have lane changed right in front of you (i always check my blind spots, but i dont have f------ night vision), maybe if you had seen my blinker you would have known I was changing lanes. Maybe you realized all of this 10 seconds later when I saw you turn your damn lights on. I will accept your apology in writing here."

Here are some of the hilarious responses:

Ancalamei: "Didn’t you know it’s a crime to merge in front of someone?! How dare you not let him speed up to prevent you!"

mikeymo1741: "I'm sure that guy is just sitting on this sub waiting to apologize to you."

dr00020: "Sorry dude I ate some bad chili dogs and was rushing home to my bathroom. I'll make sure to honk again. Red Honda Accord sports right?" 

nutmegger2020: "Ahhh missed connections."

bmeezy1: "Auto downvote for internet rant."

To the person in the dark car with their headlights off who honked at me last night ~7pm...
byu/WannabeGroundhog inConnecticut

There is no place in the world like Connecticut. Only in Connecticut will the person who is completely out-of-line do the honking. Think about it, how many times have you been cutoff on the road and had that person give you the finger? Too many I'll bet because that is life on the road in Connecticut.

We should change the state slogan to "Connecticut: I'm wrong but f--- you!"

Young girl driver, giving middle finger insult

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