Did you know the official bird of Connecticut is the American Robin? It's true, the American Robin was named CT's state bird in 1943.

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As for why this bird was selected, I went to the experts at Bird Facts for that who say:

While many American robins migrate for winter, the robins in Connecticut seem to love the fall foliage as much as vacationers. Rather than living the life of a snowbird, these avians remain in the state year-round. During the harsh northern winters, they nest high in pines in swamps. These evergreen swamp dwellers regale the state’s residents with a song all year long. That kind of loyalty earned the redbird a special place in the hearts of the state’s residents.

Recently, I learned at least one person thinks we got this wrong. A Reddit user that goes by Common-Ground-Grow posted the following on Friday (10/06/23).

That’s about right.
byu/Common-Ground-Grow inConnecticut

You see that's funny because it's true and it's a completly innocent joke. Not all of the jokes are innocent on Reddit, most are hilariously out of line. I really cannot get enough of the comments on Reddit.

Whenever I need helpful, non-confrontational facts I go right to Reddit and X. These are valuable resources where everything is true and pure. I'm just being fun, do you like fun? Seriously, if you ever need a pit-of-the-stomach laugh go directly to the Connecticut Reddit page. Just click on any serious question you see posted and then start scrolling.

If you go down far enough, you'll see someone blow it all up with the most offensive, nonsensical word grenade. There is no subject matter too deep for someone to ruin. Death in the family? Lost all your money? Someone with the word "meat" in their screen name will set out to make you cry.

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