The phone calls happen almost four times every day! I'm referring to the 'Extended Auto Warranty' scam calls. I usually don't answer my phone if I don't recognize the number, but occasionally, I pick it up just for kicks. They are always scam calls, and I can never understand what the caller says because of their strong accent.

This past July, the Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit against the operators of a telemarketing scam that called hundreds of thousands of consumers nationwide to pitch "extended automobile warranties," which will result in a lifetime ban from any outbound telemarketing business and from any involvement with extended automobile warranty sales. Guess what? The calls keep on coming, and Connecticut Reddit users are not happy! The following are some of those Reddit posts.

LittleJohnStone - "My [least] favorite VM is the one that says "This is your final notice..." Liar! You said that yesterday was the final notice! And the day before, and a hundred times prior!"

apako1 - "I tell them I'm going to fly out and murder their family if they call me again. It seems to work as I've only been getting 1-2 calls a week now instead of 4-5 a day and, I'm probably being followed by the FBI now."

Devonai - "No FBI agent is going to waste their time following you. They have drones for that now."

Hippydippy420 - "I block all the numbers that call who don’t leave messages - if it’s for a job they’ll leave a message. I get random texts and calls from local numbers, even my own phone number (which is impossible) that turn out to be scammers, and yesterday I answered thinking it was a local store I was waiting to hear back from, and it was an Indian scammer who told me to s**k his d**k after I told him to stop calling me. I wound up losing it on him and screamed a bunch of profanities, and the bastard called back from a different number." 

MongooseProXC - "I love when they call! I always wait to speak with someone, then I waste their time and screw with them. It's like a game I play to see how long I can keep them on the line and how pissed off I can get them. More people should do it."

DeutsheAutoteknik - "Here’s a solid solution: Setup a VOIP system at your home.When a caller calls your # they are greeted by a simple message. Press 1 for John, press 2 for Laura.Ideally you set it up so that you are Laura, John is a nobody. If the person is calling for you- they’ll press 2 for Laura. If it’s a human scammer they’ll likely press 1 for John. If it’s a bot, it won’t get through."

KRB52 - "I had one of those at work last night, on the company cell phone. “Caller” tried to tell me that the warrantee on the car was about to run out. We don’t have a car."

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