Zippia(the career expert?) has completed a research summary centered around the most (and least) hated states according to their neighbors and people who live there. Their study revealed that Connecticut was the 9th most hated state in the country. I'm calling BULL on this study because of the metrics Zippia used to come up with their results which you can find by clicking this link and scrolling down to the headline, 'HOW WE FIGURED THIS OUT. It's absolutely genius! Not! The following are the most hated states in America according to

  1. Illinois
  2. New Jersey
  3. New York
  4. West Virginia
  5. California
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Michigan
  8. Connecticut
  9. Kentucky

I understand why some of you reading this article may think that Connecticut is a dumpster fire, especially after I discovered an article from the website titled "8 Reasons Why Connecticut Sucks." The writer does bring up some valid points about Connecticut such as:

  • Economic Downward Spiral
  • Low Value for Your Money
  • People Are Stuck In Their Bubble
  • Lack of Connecticut Culture
  • Mediocre Cities
  • And just plain...BORING

My wife, Mindy, and I are very lucky because we've learned to enjoy the character and beauty that is Connecticut.  We've been fortunate enough to own a pontoon boat on Candlewood Lake not to mention working at a 'job' I've loved for 45 years, and to top it all off, my adult children and grandchildren are close by. Lou is correct when he says, "I am a lifestyle" because we've worked hard to make the best at living in a state that's more expensive than most. It's always a treat to check in with CT/Reddit users to get their well-thought-out insights about Connecticut.

Dry-Worldliness692...I (live here) trash talk it because people here aren’t just so much ruder and selfish than in many Western states...

GunnieGrave...Mine informed me yesterday that it was too cold in the morning for shorts and too warm in the afternoon for pants....Welcome to CT kid.

Avocadomistress...I'm visiting Boulder and told someone from CA that I was from Connecticut, in which said 'how fancy!'

Amazing_Ad28...The caricature of Connecticut is the children of billionare hedgefund managers playing horse polo against eachother while their servants prepare dinner. When i tell people im from CT, or i meet someone from CT, this caricature does flash through my brain.

toxikant...I dont hate Connecticut because there is literally nothing in that area of land to have an opinion about.

batdesk...For me, it’s the drivers. In Massachusetts, chances are that if someone cuts you off in traffic, they did it on purpose. They see you, and edge their way in. In Connecticut, if someone cuts you off, chances are they had no idea. They are just careening wildly on a quest to take us all to an early grave.

kril89...We are also the state that puts butter on our lobster rolls. As in the only way it should be done!

So ask yourself, "Why am I here?" I certainly understand why some residents who live in this state are continually dumping on it. It's a fact, that Connecticut is one of the top 10 most expensive states to live and for many reasons. There's a friend of mine who's planning on retiring in three years, so she met with her financial advisor to begin to lay the groundwork. He told her she couldn't afford to retire in Connecticut so, I gave her this list of the "Most Affordable Places to Live in the U.S. in 2023-24" according to U.S. News & World Report.

10 of the Best Places in Connecticut to Enjoy a Juicy Hot Dog

7 Major Red Flags for Anyone Moving to Connecticut

Every place has its Pros and Cons but this is not a PROS/CONS list. This is a list of things that absolutely suck about the Nutmeg State. If you are moving here or considering moving here someone should shoot you straight. Connecticut has some serious red flags. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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