As Ukrainian refugees stream across the border into Poland, WTNH is reporting the community of Little Poland in New Britain has been holding fundraisers and collecting donations to provide necessary supplies to the refugees trying to get out of their beloved Ukraine. Nicolas Erlacher, a shop owner, told WTNH:

“They’re suffering now more than ever, so we’re just trying to get everything together and get it out as fast as we can,”

New Britain attorney Adrian Baron told the Hartford Courant, "I got this crazy card in the mail calling me a dummy; why do you help the Ukrainian murderers? Then the Belvedere Restaurant got one threatening to burn the restaurant down," I ask you, "How do people find pleasure in the suffering of others?

Amid the threats, New Britain's Little Poland continues to help the Ukrainian people, who are leaving their homes with literally nothing. The community has held fundraisers, with more events happening this weekend, including a disco with local artists on Saturday evening and a Concert For Ukrainian War Refugees at Trinity-On-Main on Sunday.

Protestors Gather In Washington DC After Ukraine Invasion
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Attorney Baron told the Hartford Courant, "Polish people have a long history with Russia. A lot of people in New Britain came here in the '80s in the Solidarity Movement. You'll see the Ukrainian flag over some of the stores here. I even have Russian clients who've expressed absolute remorse for what's happening — they say it's a reflection of Putin, not of the Russian people."

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