This tragic case of a young woman dying at a bar in Hartford was deemed closed recently, but every time I've read about it, I have so many questions. I can't help but think there is more to it than meets the eye.

I was reading the Hartford Courant on March 8 when I came across this horrible story about a young Connecticut woman falling to her death at a bar in Hartford. Tragic, to say the least, but as I read the account, I kept saying to myself, she had to go to a lot of trouble to get up onto the roof. It seems fishy.

The Hartford Courant did a follow up story where, according to police, the young woman, Taylor Lavoie, was underage and was wearing a wristband from the club when she was foundin the alley. The account also says she had a fake I.D. This article was about the bar in question, the Angry Bull Saloon, closing its doors for good. The article states that police said they believe that Lavoie was alone on the roof and have ruled her death an accident.

Here's what gets under my skin, though.

Both articles I read talked about what you have to do to even get to the roof. You have to leave the bar area, climb a stairway up two empty floors, and then climb up a 20-foot wooden ladder that goes up to a hatchway onto the roof. And it's not like there's a roof top bar, it's just a plain old roof -- no walls around it. So what would draw anyone to do that? Weird, right? Now, almost a month later, a new story has surfaced.

From, it appears that Hartford police are now looking to talk to two men in connection with the death of Lavoie. According to Hartford police, a security guard from the bar told them he noticed two men in the stairwell leading to the roof on the same night that Taylor fell. The guard said that he shooed the two men away, and remembered what one of them looked like. Unfortunately for all parties involved, that part of the building was not equipped with surveillance cameras.

I can't imagine the grief all of Taylor Lavoie's family and friends are going through, and my prayers go out to them. I can imagine that it would be difficult to have new evidence come to light, but I know I'd want to have all the answers. I don't feel like we do yet.

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