Sean DeHart, originally from Shelton, CT was one of the six people shot when a gunman opened fire at the University North Carolina at Charlotte on Tuesday, April 30.

Sean reportedly grew up in the Huntington section of Shelton before moving with his family to Apex, North Carolina. One of the family's former neighbors and still close friend, Beverly Lauren, had this to say to

I saw his name listed as one of the ones that was shot, and my heart just dropped. I'm glad that he's expected to recover because it was very frightening. My heart goes out to the Dehart family and I hope they're all doing okay. It's just a terrible thing and very upsetting to hear and we have a young son as well, going to college next year, and you think you're going to be safe in school, but that's not true anymore.


Two out of the six students shot were killed, and fortunately, DeHart was just injured in the shooting. His recovery is going better then expected, as a matter of fact he's already been released from the hospital.

Here's the story as reported on WTNH:

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