There is a lot to rave about in Connecticut. Yes the taxes are very high, and Winter can be a bitch, but there's ton of good that often out weighs the bad. No wonder Geno is applauding. How exactly do we rank in one major publication?

Connecticut is killing it in some major categories, but can we party?

When you consider that the Nutmeg State gave us the genius mind of Mark Twain, I mean seriously, Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn is just the tip of the iceberg. On the other end of the writing spectrum, we claim Candace Bushnell and her iconic Sex in the City series too.

When the weather cooperates, Connecticut is home to amazing Fall foliage. and our shoreline is pretty legendary, with the likes of Mystic Seaport and museum. Add in fantastic theater in Hartford and New Haven, award winning pizza, and hot spots like Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods, there is a lot to like about our state.

Now we can pat ourselves on the back a bit more.. A new report has placed Connecticut among the top states in the nation. The U.S. News and World Report lists Connecticut as the 12th best state in the nation. We get kudos in categories like education, public safety and health care, and we knock it out of the park as #3 on the list in regards to state integrity. Obviously we are honest and have high morals.

To see how we rank in all of the categories go to 

So, what state is number one, who's DFL, and where do all the 50 rank? Click on U.S. News and World Report 

By the way, over 60 different categories were rated by the magazine in order to reach the final list. None of those had anything to do with being the best party place. So while New Orleans may totally rock at Mardi Gras, Louisiana has the distinction of being 50th on the list.

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