Four years into the age of remote working, and a few of my friends are still able to stay in their comfy clothes to attend the daily sales meeting. If you are lucky enough to be employed at a career that allows you to work from home, a new study shows that Connecticut is one of the best states in all of the US to work from home. has just come out with Best States for Working from Home 2024, where they've compared all 50 states across two key dimensions - Work Environment, and Living Environment, then used 12 relevant metrics - Household internet access, cybersecurity, average price of electricity, and internet cost are among the 12. arrived at a score, and used that score to rank all 50 states from Best to Worst to Work from Home from. Connecticut almost made the Top 5.

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For 2024, has listed Connecticut as the 6th Best State for Working from Home.

Which US States made the Top 5? Connecticut was #6, District of Columbia was #5, Maryland was #4, Delaware was #3, Utah at #2, and the #1 Best State for Working from Home in 2024, according to New Jersey. How did Connecticut end up near the top of the list? We have the second highest total of household internet access in all of the US, second only to Massachusetts. Overall, determined that Connecticut ranked 7th out of 50 in Work Environment, and 8th overall in Living Environment. The Worst States for Working from Home for 2024? Arkansas, Montana, and Alaska. The West is not the Best.

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