The middle class is one of those terms that we hear and don't think twice about. We hear it and we immediately get images of Americans mowing their lawns or commuters jumping in their cars to embark on the 9 to 5 grind.

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So what is the middle class? Here's a better question, what does Connecticut's middle class look like? How much money do you actually have to make each year to be middle class in Connecticut? The answer may surprise you.

Consumer Affairs looked into the numbers and they found that a Connecticut family must make a minimum annual income of $80,163. This puts us in the Top 5 in the nation for middle class minimums.

  • Hawaii - $82,630
  • Washington D.C. - $81,396
  • New York - $81,396
  • New Jersey - $80,163
  • Connecticut - $80,163

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The report goes on to say the middle class is shrinking, largely due to inflation but there are other factors. They say it takes a lot more money than it used to make it to the middle. The C.A. reports adds:

We’re now seeing the middle class capturing a lower share of income than in the 60s, 70s and 80s. In the two decades since the mid-2000s, it has shrunk from roughly 60%.

It's A hell of a time to be alive. One of two things is happening here, the news is all bad or we're absolutely in love with fear and anxiety in the U.S. I typically shut out all media (non-TV/Movies) after 5pm and don't look back until the next day. If you consume this information all day, everyday you will make yourself sick.

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