College graduates from the State of Connecticut have a road paved in gold right in front of them.

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According to a new study conducted by Degree Choices, Nutmeg State college graduates average an annual salary of $59,356 four years after leaving college. That number lands CT at #2 on the national rankings. Were you able to guess #1? Massachusetts was the winner, according to the study, students who studied at Massachusetts institutions averaged an annual salary of $59,862 four years after leaving college.

Here are the Top 5:

1. Massachusetts

Welcome to Massachusetts road sign.

Students who studied at Massachusetts institutions averaged an annual salary of $59,862 four years after leaving college.

2. Connecticut

Connecticut State Capitol in Hartford, Connecticut, USA during autumn.
Sean Pavone

Four years after completing their degree, graduates of Connecticut colleges earned an average salary of $59,356.

3. New Jersey

New Jersey the garden State, view of license plates in a flower garden
Kathleen Gail

With an average of $58,904, graduates who studied at New Jersey colleges are the third highest earning in the entire country.

4. California


According to College Scorecard data, people who graduated from a California institution earned an average salary of $58,441 four years later.

5. Nevada

The Annual Perseid Meteor Shower From Lake Mead National Recreation Area
Ethan Miller

Students who had finished at a Nevada college in 2018 took home an average yearly income of $58,376

David Levy is the author of the Degree Choices study who said: “Unsurprisingly, the Northeast seems to produce more higher-earning graduates than any other region of America. With a number of quality educational opportunities and a high cost of living compared to the South and Midwest, it remains to be seen whether these institutions retain their popularity over the next few years or if college prospects opt for more affordable regions of America.” 

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It makes sense, if you start listing the country's most prestigious Universities, most of them are in these 5 states.

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