Dude, if you're bored, I've got some acres for you to cut. Mowing the lawn is not my thing for sure.

Sometimes being a good guy comes back to bite you in the butt. Here's one of those times.

According to nhregister.com, a man from Woodbridge, Connecticut has been doing a good deed that may land him in hot water. Roger Sherman recently took it upon himself to mow overgrown grass at the town pool that he lives across the street from. The story in the New Haven Register even says that Sherman rebuilt the water fall feature at the entrance to the club, the property known as Country Club of Woodbridge.

It turns out that the town bought the country club property a few years back. As of now, the golf course on the property is defunct, and the outcome of what will happen with the property is kind of a big deal with a lot of folks in Woodbridge.

Sort of a sticky situation. Even though you might see residents volunteering to take on beautification projects, I'm not totally surprised that Sherman got a letter from the town attorney saying mowing the grass is not permitted, and he could face possible legal action if he doesn't stop.

Sometimes the phrase, "No good deed goes unpunished" is truer than you think.

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