The son of an Easton couple who was charged with their murder won't be going to trial.

According to, Kyle Navin who was accused of murdering his parents, Jeffrey and Jeanette Navin back in August of 2015 will not have to stand trial because he has just pleaded guilty to the murders.

The story began back on August 4, 2015, when Kyle's mother Jeanette went with him to help out on his garbage route that morning. Later that same morning Jeanette's phone became inactive. Kyle was the Operations Manager for the family's business, J&J Refuse.

Five days after they were last seen, their car was found in a commuter parking lot in Westport with a bullet hole inside. This is when Kyle became an official 'person of interest' in their disappearance.

Kyle Navins - Credit Weston Police Department Press Release from Nov. 5, 2015

After an investigation of Kyle's home in Bridgeport, he was arrested on federal gun and drug charges. When police received a tip and began searching a vacant home on Norfield Rd. in Weston, they unearthed a grisly discovery, the remains of Jeffrey and Jeanette's bodies. Kyle was then arrested and charged with their murders.

After rejecting a plea deal, Navin's trial date was set for Tuesday, April 17, 2018. He pleaded guilty to murdering his parents the day before the trial was to begin. He will be sentenced on June 29.