Back in 2016, Spotify launched "Wrapped", a viral marketing campaign that allows artists and users to gather data about themselves.

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For the artists it's valuable data about how their music was received and for the users, it's all about them. The year-end "Wrapped" lets users see what they listened to. Here is how Spotify explained the feature in 2022.

Spotify Wrapped is all about celebrating the endless ways that millions of creators and fans connect through audio each and every day. Starting today, we’re commemorating a year gone by and inviting our fans to join in on the fun with the eagerly anticipated, personalized 2022 Wrapped experience.

This year’s Wrapped experience is filled with fan-favorite features and exciting new ones that spotlight the many-layered elements of listening that make each and every fan unique. We know that no two listeners are the same—so, from the oddly specific to the unapologetically predictable, 2022 Wrapped encourages listeners to peer into the vibrant kaleidoscope of their listening and show it off to the world. Eligible iOS and Android users with the latest version of the Spotify mobile app can celebrate this ultimate combination of self-expression and play with their personalized experiences. (Creators, fear not: Artists and podcasters will also receive their own personalized Creator Wrapped to learn about and celebrate how their fans listened.)

We’re providing fans with some of their favorite Wrapped features plus a slate of new ways to discover and celebrate their year in listening. Just make sure you’re using the most recent version—8.7.78 or higher—of the Spotify app. (You can check this by going to Settings, then About. The app version you have downloaded will show up at the top of the screen.)

You think that is something, now we have data about the data. According to a new study from No Deposit Guide, "Wrapped" is very popular in Connecticut and New York. No Deposit Guide looked at searches for "Spotify Wrapped" in all 50 States and we made the Top 10. Here are the 10 states where wrapped is most popular:

1. Massachusetts

2. Rhode Island

3. Connecticut 

4. California

5. Vermont

6. New York 

7. Illinois

8. New Jersey

9. Virginia

10. Colorado

I can 1000% understand the value of "Wrapped" for the artists but why do the users need a report on what they consumed? Shouldn't they know what music and podcasts they were listening to all year?

I actually know the answers to my own questions but the truth annoys me. The reason it is popular is because people can post their user data on social media and say look at the songs I was listening to in 2023. Look at me!

Unless someone asks you what kind of music you like, they don't care.

Study Methodology 

Search volumes were collected from 2019 to 2023 using twenty-three relevant search terms including “Spotify wrapped”, “when does Spotify Wrapped come out”, “how to see Spotify Wrapped”, “Spotify wrapped 2023”, “Spotify Wrapped 2022”, “Spotify wrapped 2021”, “Spotify Wrapped 2020”, “Spotify wrapped 2019”, “when is Spotify Wrapped 2023”, “when is Spotify wrapped 2022”, and “when is Spotify Wrapped 2021”.  
The number of searches for each term was then added up to give a total of searches for each state. This was then compared to the population to calculate how many searches per 100,000 people. 

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