YouGov ran a survey to determine the best state in America and....GUESS WHAT!? It's not CT, it's Hawaii. Instead the Nutmeg State ranked #23 in the country.

How did they reach such a predictable and stupid conclusion? Well let's break down the methodology.

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YouGov surveyed 1,211 people. They asked each user about specific head to head matchups. For instance, they'd say which do you like better Wyoming or California? Each user was given 7 of these versus situations and no respondent saw the same state twice.

No wonder we got ass clown results. What do you expect when ridiculous methods are in play? Here's how we would have done it in CT. Get 1,200 people and ask them what to rank states 1-50, throw them a $5 gift card for to Bed, Bath and Beyond and boom, you have results like you read about. Trusted results from your results source.

YouGov does some great studies, I usually like them but this is no way to go about this process. The fact is, even if they conducted the study properly, I know my beloved CT still would have done poorly. It would have ranked #23, even if you surveyed only people from CT.

Why? Because the only thing we like doing more than heading to the "packy" for some Truly is complaining about our own state. CT residents strive to be their best in life and have no problem telling you what is wrong with a person, place or thing. We are quick to the trigger to blast nouns of all kinds.

I love and hate CT, I know what is wrong with it and how to fix it, all you have to do is ask. I also know even if you consider our mammoth potholes and ungodly taxes we are still better than Texas and Arizona. How did Texas and Arizona beat CT? We know those places suck in comparison.

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