Every once in a while, it's not a bad idea to try something new or different, especially if what you are doing is getting a bit old. I like to say and have always heard "the one constant in life, is change" and Connecticut wants to do just that, make a change.

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Nothing crazy like seceding from the union and becoming its own nation or anything like that. No, just a touch-up, a little "rebranding" and, according to Connecticut By The Numbers, they have, using a corporate world term "reached out" to key stakeholders with a survey to help them decide what direction they want to go.

YouTube/Tony Kobylinski
YouTube/Tony Kobylinski

I checked out the "still revolutionary" campaign launch from 2015 on YouTube and it was a bit cringy, but whatever. It featured the Hartford Symphony Orchestra playing an arrangement of their original theme song, "The View Looks Better With You." When I first read the title of the song as "The View Looks Better THAN You," I thought, "wow, that is so Connecticut," then, I realized it actually read "WITH You", but I did have a good laugh though.

YouTube/Tony Kobylinski
YouTube/Tony Kobylinski

Anyway, to come up with this new rebranding they have sent out emails asking some questions of the stakeholders and some of those are:

  • How does Connecticut differ from other neighboring states?

  • What do you love or value that is uniquely Connecticut?

  • What kinds of unique opportunities/advantages does Connecticut offer its residents or businesses?

  • What adjectives positively describe Connecticut?

  • What are some key challenges or misperceptions facing Connecticut?

The survey also asks:

  • What images/symbols/colors/icons do you positively associate with Connecticut?

  • If you could convey one message to current residents, what would it be?

  • If you could convey one message to prospective visitors or new residents, what would it be?

  • What values stand out when you think of Connecticut residents?

  • What is important to you or your stakeholders when choosing a place to live?

The survey also seeks to find out: What is critical to consider for the state branding to support Arts/History/Tourism in Connecticut?  And the final question is quite open-ended:  I love Connecticut because...

YouTube/Tony Kobylinski
YouTube/Tony Kobylinski

I totally get the whole using your state's history in your brand like the "Still Revolutionary" slogan. In my home state, for a long time, they used "Land of Ahs" as their tagline, of course, a play-off of the legendary film The Wizard of Oz, that begins with Dorothy in black and white Kansas.

So what do you think? How would you answer these questions that were sent out in a survey recently? According to the CT By The Numbers article, the rebranding looks like it will happen sometime in 2023. For more articles written by this guy, you can tap or click right here, including a recent one about a historic home in Westport that was visited by Abe Lincoln. Thanks for hanging out with me and see you all again real soon.

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