We celebrate Earth Day every year to demonstrate our support for environmental protection, and this year it's Monday April 22, 2024. Organized celebrations are scheduled all over Connecticut, with Earth Day 2024 events scheduled in Hartford, Woodbury, Hamden, and Chester, but overall, Connecticut should celebrate itself right now, it's just been listed as the 9th Greenest State in all of the US for 2024.

Wallethub.com has just released Greenest States in 2024, in which they compared the 50 States across three key dimensions: Environmental Quality, Eco-Friendly Behaviors, and Climate Change Contributions. After crunching the data, each state was graded on a 100 point scale across 25 dimensions, and that score was used to rank each State. Connecticut is clean, and we're surrounded by immaculate neighbors.

Overall, Connecticut landed as the 9th Greenest State in all of the US. Connecticut's climate change contributions were ranked as the second best in all of America, second only to our little neighbor to the East, Rhode Island. Our Eco-Friendly Behavior rank is #10, and Connecticut's Environmental Quality Rank was deemed #17.

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Connecticut's neighbors did well, with Vermont landing as the #2 Greenest State, and New York at #3. The Greenest State in the United States for 2024 is California, according to wallethub.com. The worst? West Virginia brought up the dirty rear at #50.

As for the rest of New England, Maine just edged out Connecticut, they were named the #8 Greenest State, Massachusetts came in at #10, Rhode Island at #12, and New Hampshire skated into the Top 20 at #19. All of New England in the Top 20 for 2024, we truly have a reason to celebrate.

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