Monday, April 15, 2024 is less than two weeks away, and for most it can be a day that we dread. Well fellow residents of Connecticut, in all of the United States of America, only 5 states have an overall higher tax burden than Connecticut in 2024, do you feell lucky or sad? has just released their study of Tax Burden by State for 2024, in which they compared the 50 states based on the cost of three types of taxes - Property Taxes, Individual Income Taxes, and Sales and Excise Taxes, as a share of total personal income in each state. Overall, all of New England and our Western neighbors, except for one state in New England, made the Top 25 of states with the highest tax burden.

Leading the way with the highest tax burden of all 50 states? New York. found that the total tax burden for residents of New York for 2024 is 12.02%. New York is the only US state with a total tax burden over 12%. #2 on's study was Hawaii. At #3 & #4 - representing New England - Vermont and Maine. California rounds out the Top 5, and then at #6? Us. has found that Connecticut's overall tax burden for 2024 is 10.08%. 6th highest in the Nation. Connecticut's Property Tax Burden is the 6th highest of all 50 states at 3.95%, and Connecticut's Property Tax Burden - 3.42% - is also 6th highest out of 50. Connecticut's Total Sales & Excise Tax Burden is 2.71% for 2024, which landed Connecticut at #40 overall among the 50.

2024 is the year to start the elimination of our car taxes legislators.

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