I hate to the bearer of bad news all the time, but we do live in CT where bad news seems to grow on trees.

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The Nutmeg State has the highest average car repair cost of any of the 50 states according to a new report from Car MD. Our average labor cost per repair is $136.84, coupled with our average parts cost per repair $281.53 and you get a total of $418.37, the most in America.

Our labor cost was not the highest, it also not low. When you add it with the parts, it equates to the scariest bill in the U.S. Our neighbors in New York did much better than us with a ranking of #29. New York has a labor cost of $135.19, a parts cost of $251.36 for a total of $386.55. New Jersey was the 9th most expensive car repair state in America, with NJ residents paying $138.50 in labor, $261.11 in parts, for a total of $399.61.

This is why I cringe at the quality of our roads, every time I hit a pothole, I hear the cash register ringing. Once you have to deal with a few expensive repairs in a row, you start to do the math and realize, it may have been cheaper to simply stay home for a few weeks and lose your job.

That seems like an extreme way to look at it but if you can zoom out a bit, we are basically paying through the nose with money and aggravation to go places we may not want to. This is not my experience, I love what I do but you can see how living in CT certainly takes its toll on everyone.

For the record, the cheapest state to repair your car is in Maine. The Average total repair in Maine is $349.25.

P.S. Our cost went up from last year when we were ranked #2 in the nation.

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