The data breach at Target in 2013 was a pain in the you-know-what. Were you affected?

I shopped at my local Target during the period of time when the massive data breach happened. I don't have a Target credit card, but I did use my Visa to shop there. I'm always happy to know that my bank is watchful, and thankfully, there were no erroneous charges on my card. But the bank still stopped the card and sent me a new one. If you have recurring charges on a credit card, it's a hassle when it gets cancelled.

While I don't expect to see any money come my way because of my time wasted, the state of Connecticut is a bit more lucky about their time invested.

In a story from, Connecticut is getting $1,000,000 as part of a national settlement with Target over a data breach. Our state's Attorney General, George Jepsen, helped to lead the investigation into the cyber attack on Target servers that took place in 2013.

Now, before you think you might get your hands on some of that dough, think again. Connecticut, along with 46 other states and Washington, D.C., are getting a piece of the big $18.5 million settlement to resolve the states' investigation that affected more than 41 million customer payment card accounts and contact information for more than 60 million customers.

Evidently, that investigative work doesn't come cheap.

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