As they say, the jig is up. Time to pay the piper.

Please don't try to sell me the Brooklyn Bridge. Please don't pull the wool over my eyes. And most importantly, don't lie to me.

According to the Hartford Courant Connecticut will be getting a portion of the $157 million nationwide settlement that Volkswagen is paying out. That clump of moola is part of the massive claim that VW rigged diesel vehicles with software to get around emissions testing.

Connecticut's piece of the pay-out pie is $15 million.

Connecticut's Attorney General George Jepsen had this to say to

Volkswagen lied to consumers and to regulators by stating that its vehicles were not only fuel efficient but also clean, when in reality they were neither. This settlement resolves claims that Volkswagen violated Connecticut's environmental protection laws that govern air pollution and conduct related to emission controls when it sold vehicles that it knew were equipped with devices designed to circumvent emission tests

Connecticut was one of 10 states that didn't take kindly to the company weaseling around environmental standards. I say, lies will always catch up to you!

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