I found a sad photo on my phone, I took it over 5 years ago, on November 21, 2018 at 6:28PM. It's a screenshot of the end of Gerry Brook's final broadcast on NBC Connecticut after a 44 year career. My Connecticut tv news watching has not been the same since.

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Watch an hour of daytime tv on the Connecticut ABC, NBC, and CBS stations. You'll probably see a former news personality plugging away for a local business. The Kings were Hilton Kaderli and Mike Bogaslowski. God, they were everywhere. Here's an old clip of Bogey I found on YouTube from ESNews-

Gerry Brooks was my favorite though, the duo of Gerry and Joanne Nesti just set a calming tone over even the very worst local news that was presented that evening. I just tried searching for Brooks, and there's a story from the Hartford Courant about how he battled back from prostate cancer in 2014. and a bunch of tributes from the time of his retirement in 2018. The most recent update was from current NBC Connecticut anchor, and Gerry's former partner Keisha Grant, who posted this update nearly a year after Brook's retirement.

My list of former Connecticut television news personalities is led by Brooks, but there are some days that I really miss Geoff Fox as bad. Al and Tony Terzi both have carved a place in my heart, and I would be remiss to not mention the great Denise D'Acenzo, whom we sadly lost a year after Gerry retired, in December 2019.

I hope you are doing well sir, and enjoying your retirement.

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