Trapped in her stifling home without A/C, this 85-year-old woman called her neighbor for help.

Hilde Piagneri's air conditioner had stopped working and the temperature in her home had reached 85 degrees. According to the Republican-American, as the temperature continued to rise, Hilde had no choice but to pick up the phone and call her neighbor, George Langley who began calling any HVAC professional he could find in the Beacon Falls area.

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Each one gave him the same story. There was no way they could have it fixed that same evening, so Langley figured it couldn't hurt to call the volunteer fire department, EMS, and rescue provider of Beacon Falls, CT., Beacon Hose Co. #1. Hose Co. #1 - Instant Google

Around 7 p.m., Kyle Brennan answered the phone and Langley explained the situation and wondered if Brennan might have a suggestion for Hilde's predicament. At the time, Brennan was sitting right next to the Beacon Hose Company's air conditioner.

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Knowing that Hilde Piagneri needed immediate relief, Brennan snatched the company's portable air conditioner from the window and drove it over to Hilde's and installed it in her bedroom window.

She slept comfortably on that Saturday evening thanks to Brennan's quick thinking. The following day, an HVAC professional fixed Hilde's air conditioner and 85-year-old, Hilde Piagneri was thrilled beyond words that Mr. Bennan would bring over the company's own air conditioner to help her out. She also called her neighbor, George Langely her guardian angel. Thank God there are still kind, considerate, and compassionate people willing to lend a hand.