You Fellas been doing' a bit of boozin' have ya?

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Connecticut is known for its love affair with the drink, in fact Drug Free CT says:

"Alcohol continues to be the most commonly used substance nationally and in Connecticut. Alcohol use prevalence in CT has remained higher than the nation since 2010, and CT has been among the 10 states with highest prevalence most/all of these years."

But who are the leaders in alcohol consumption in the Constitution State?

Andrea Migliarini
Andrea Migliarini

That designation goes to the Norwich-New London metro area. According to 24/7 Wall Street, this region has more adults who drink excessively than any other in Connecticut.

24/7 examined data from the 2023 County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, and found that 20.8% of adults in the Norwich-New London area drink excessively. Statewide, the number is 17.4% which is the 17th lowest in the nation.

One of two things are at play here, Norwich-New London boozees more than everyone else or they have the most honest residents in Connecticut. It's funny because alcohol usually goes best with a side of lies. When was the last time you heard a truthful drunken fishing story?

I would have guessed somewhere like Danbury would have been at the top of the drunk list. You can't get a higher concentration of liquor stores than the Hat City has. I figured it out, Danbury has four liquor stores for every 8 blocks. That is guesstimate booze-bag math on my part but trust me when I tell you, there are a lot of them.

I'm not here to judge, I've been known to enjoy a pint myself. What would a Connecticut winter be without some wine? What would a CT fall be without 18 beers? What would a Nutmeg State summer be without a healthy jug of tequila? These are not rhetorical questions, I'm actually asking?

drunk girl with a bottle of wine on a yellow background

Drug Free CT adds:

"Adults in Connecticut ages 26 and older have the highest reported prevalence of past 30 day alcohol use (61.4%). Young adults 18-25 have the highest prevalence of binge alcohol use (29.3%)."

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