Last month (March '24) we told you that Dollar Tree Inc. issued a press release stating the company will close 1,000 of its Family Dollar stores in the U.S. The company says many of these locations underperformed in 2023. There are 20 Family Dollar Connecticut stores that could be impacted by this decision and now there is more news for Nutmeg State shoppers.

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Dollar Tree Inc is about to alter the shopping experience at their Dollar Tree stores. According to Country Living the company has announced they will raise their max prices again. The max price for an item was $5 and now the company is pushing that ceiling to $7.

The news came during a fourth-quarter earnings call where CEO Rick Dreiling said;

“While we are still in the early stages of our transformation journey, I am proud of what our team accomplished in 2023 and see a long runway of growth ahead of us. As we look forward in 2024, we are accelerating our multi-price rollout at Dollar Tree and taking decisive action to improve profitability and unlock value at Family Dollar.”

Such fluffy and positive words for a company that just announced their actual name is a lie. The press release identified the store categories that are most likely to have price increases, they include:

"Categories you can expect to see bumped in price include food, snacks, beverages, pet care, and personal care."

Dollar Tree has over 50 locations in the State of Connecticut.

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Why do I bother getting worked up about these things? It's the way of the world they will say, that's life in America, they'll say. I say it stinks and the company should be forced to change their name but what do I know?

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