Is this real life?

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Am I seeing what I think I am seeing? I was checking out some Nutmeg State hashtags recently and came across this video from @jimyofficial titled: "RICH PEOPLE PROBLEMS (she was told that it doesn't take gas)" and I felt I needed to pass it on like a Michael Scott forward.

@jimyofficial RICH PEOPLE PROBLEMS 😭 (she was told that it doesn’t take gas) 🚨 #rich #tesla #gas #connecticut #jimyofficial #fairfieldct ♬ original sound - jimyofficial


The Comments

Brandon: "People that’s live in CT are a different breed I swear…"

Bridge: "Wait Lmao is this real 😂I would had them still figuring it out.l would have said gas goes in the backseat."

Ashley: "Fairfield? Sounds about right."

Queen of the Pirates: "This is so conneticut it’s unreal. Don’t tell them let it be a surprise."

Poppa Ducky 68: "CT. is not all wealthy, I'm live in Bridgeport, Ct.......if you don't know Google it."

Hero JH: "I swear, bro if they put gas in the phones, I’ll be laughing."

Parker Her 1: "Lmao you took this off youtube and put a voiceover. This was a staged a video lol."

I know 95% of all Tik Tok videos are fake but part of me wants to believe this is from Connecticut despite the terrible voice-over edit. There is something about the look on the one lady's face that screams genuine Connecticut confusion.

My Assessment:

The video is real, in the sense that this happened and was filmed. BUT it was probably swiped from another account and dubbed over to make it seem like it happened in Connecticut.

@jimyofficial Tik Tok
@jimyofficial Tik Tok

Look at the plate in the background, it is tough to make out but it's easy to see it's not a Connecticut tag. That does not mean this didn't happen in Connecticut but it certainly reduces the chances it did.

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