If you have an obscene amount of wealth, and you want to live in Connecticut, you should probably live in Fairfield County. The scent of old money lingers throughout, but only one has just been named the fifth wealthiest city in all of the US.

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Darien, Connecticut has a population of 21,500, which makes it the smallest city on Connecticut's Gold Coast, but on man, do those 21,500 residents know how to accumulate wealth. Darien has been named the 5th Wealthiest city in all of the United States of America for 2024, according to studyfinds.org. Darien, Connecticut's average household income soared above $300,000 a year for 2023, up from $232,000 in 2019, while the price for an average home is going for over a million dollars.

If you take a peek at Wikipedia.com's List of People from Darien, Connecticut, it's easy to see why people with brand names for last names choose to settle here. The list of  famous actors, musicians, and entertainers from Darien include: Kate Bosworth, Topher Grace, Chloe Sevingny, Brian Cashman, Moby, CBS's Scott Pelley, and Steve-O of Jackass and Wildboyz fame, who spent part of his youth there.

Which American cities were wealthier than Darien? California landed two of the top 4 with Los Altos Hills at #4, and the wealthiest city in all of the US with Atherton, California coming in at #1. Darien's nearby neighbor Scarsdale, New York came in at #3, and Mclean, Virginia landed as the runner-up at #2.

All of that money Darien, and you still lost the race for the first Wegmans in Connecticut to Norwalk?

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