You wouldn't expect a state like Connecticut to have a shortage of Christmas trees, but this year, economists are saying that's just what's going to happen.

The reason for the shortage, and inevitably the increase in the trees sticker price is the supply chain issues that the country has been facing.

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Even the state's largest supplier of artificial trees, which imports from China and Europe, will only be able to supply about 43% of the trees they normally would.

The good news for Connecticut consumers is that there are quite a few Christmas Tree farms throughout the state, and those growers are expecting another great selling season. However they are warning tree buyers to get their trees as early as possible.

According to, tree farmers didn't anticipate the supply chain issues, so they actually weren't able to receive the amount of trees that they needed to plant during the off season, therefore customers will actually be paying more for each tree this season. Growers are also saying that since they cannot get wholesale deliveries of trees, once their supply runs out, there won't be either real or artificial trees available.

Connecticut tree growers are also pointing fingers at the pandemic for the tree shortages. Growers could not get their usual supply of trees to plant during the lockdowns, and with the trees only growing about a foot a year, and more people now in the market for a tree since the pandemic has slowed a bit, tree farms are falling short on supply.

If you're looking for a tree farm in your area, just visit The Connecticut Christmas Tree Growers Association website for locations and more information.

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