It was an end to an era as the owner of the 'Christmas House' was led away by police.

The legendary home in Torrington named the 'Christmas House' has been conducting tours since 1982 but has currently been involved in foreclosure proceedings since 2018. A foreclosure auction was held on the house in Nov. of 2018 because the owner, Ron Merriman was behind on his mortgage payments to the tune of $8,000 to $11,600. He hadn't made a payment since the spring of 2017.

Photo Courtesy of YouTube Video by Dustin Pfaender
Photo Courtesy of YouTube Video by Dustin Pfaender

Merriman was given until Jan 1, 2019, to vacate the premises according to the Greenwich Patch. He eventually was given two extensions and then on Monday, March 18 at 8:15 am, three Torrington police officers knocked on his door to escort him from the property. Merriman did not go gently.

According to an article in the NewsTimes, Merriman told the police officers he hadn't finished packing and wasn't ready to go. He began raising his voice and calling the officers names while telling them he was being unfairly treated.

For many, Merriman's Christmas House provided neighbors and holiday admirers with a spectacular display of Christmas lights, Christmas scenes, and cartoon characters that ever had a television Christmas special. Merriman's electric bill was $1,800 for the month the display was up which ran from the day after Thanksgiving until Christmas.

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