A few local children used their artistic skills to give police a head start in identifying a suspect involved in a recent hit-and-run.

According to a Facebook post by the Berlin Police, the driver of the motorcycle fled over a guardrail and into the woods after the crash. An extensive search of the neighborhood turned up nothing, however, there were some witnesses to the crash, who helpfully provided Police with sketches of the motorcycle driver.

Myla, Joyce and Julian each gave police a drawing of the suspect. From their pictures, we know that the driver was wearing a hat and shorts, and had blood on his face. Another sketch shows the motorcycle, guardrail, and angle of the crash, and is captioned "I don't know how to drive."

Berlin CT Police Department via Facebook

A commenter on the Facebook post remarked that one of the sketches of the perp looked a little like Marty, the robot that can be seen patrolling Stop & Shop stores looking for spills, so the Police may have a place to start. Berlin Police commented,

Thanks to Myla, Joyce and Julian for their investigative assistance. If anyone recognizes the man from these detailed drawings, please call Berlin Police at (860) 828-7082.

Berlin Police Department