Bethel will soon welcome a new one-of-a-kind ice cream shop called "Cereale Town." The new shop owners, Amable Jimenez, and Rosa Valverde, spoke with CT Post describing their new business, "It's a new concept where everything is made with cereal."

The new shop will be located in Library Place, where The Giggling Pig Art & Party Studio used to be. The shop's name immediately caught my attention because I've been a lifelong cereal lover for over 65 years. There is nothing like ice cold milk poured over a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios or Honey Bunches of Oates.

Cereale Town is not just another bowl of your favorite cereal. Other menu selections include cereal-infused milkshakes and 14 ice cream toppings made with up to 20 different types of cereal. Waffles with cereal-based toppings make an amazing breakfast.

Jimenez has been dreaming about opening his unique cereal-centered eatery for the last four years, and after months of research and learning about how to get his business up and running, he says he'll most likely be ready to open sometime in April.

I asked him if he could give me a hint about which cereals will be on the menu. He told me, "We have tons of cereals on our menu but our menu is a surprise." Let's go take a look at my Cereal Photo Gallery where one can dream about ice cold milk over a hefty bowl of Cocoa Krispies.

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