There are few names in entertainment as revered as Joan Rivers. She was a trailblazer for female entertainers and a comedian's comedian. Joan passed away in 2014 but her spirit lives on in the voices of the many comedians she's influenced.

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Recently, I was digging around in the I-95 archives and found our old interview with Joan. At the time, I was living in New Milford, doing the radio show in the morning and Stand-up comedy on the weekends. Having Joan on the I-95 Morning Show was a treat then and it's even better now.

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The interview you're about to hear happened in January of 2009. Joan came on the show to promote her upcoming book signing at the Book Nook and she could not help but take a few shots at New Milford. While talking about the book signing, Joan wondered why you can't get in or out of town, saying:

"Let me ask you, what happened to the railroad station that no trains go through anymore?"

She continued:

"You can't get out of New Milford. Nothing takes you out of New Milford, that's so sad if anybody wants to go into New York too see the Rockettes."

Joan, if you can hear me the train is still not taking people in and out of the city so we'll keep banging the drum. That was 2009 we were talking about getting the train in and out of New Milford and it's still not done. 2009!!!!!!!!!

I asked New Milford Mayor Pete Bass about this train deal again recently (5/24/23) and he told me:

"Love the train! It will cost $25-50 million to upgrade the track. We will need State/Federal assistance." 

We've also spoken extensively about the issue with New Milford State Rep Bill Buckbee. The local officials are aware people want the train and they are in favor of it but it's a multi-million dollar fix.

If you enjoyed this walk down memory lane, listen to our entire discussion with Joan below. In the interview she talks glowingly about the Book Nook, calls the internet stupid and says she's going to eat her dog if the recession continues.

We played the Rivers interview on the Tuesday (5/23/23) edition of the I-95 Morning Show and then discussed how this interview tells you everything you need to know about life in radio.

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P.S. I've had it (life) really good and along the way I made Joan Rivers laugh.

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