Keep our community clean, lend a hand if you can. Here's how.

Spring is here. The earth is starting to renew itself. You go around your home working on those Spring cleaning projects. Well the city of Danbury is doing the same thing. Not only is it your chance to clean up around your house, but also have a feel good volunteering moment.

Saturday May 6 is the date set for the annual Clean City Danbury Day. The clean up time runs from 8 in the morning until noon. Here's where you come in.

The City of Danbury is asking for volunteers to pick up litter in a neighborhood, park or waterway.

The flyer for the event says you don't even have to be a Danbury resident to participate in the clean-up. So if keeping Mother Earth squeaky clean appeals to you, no matter where you live, you can help out.

The Mayor's Office provides you with supplies - trash bags, safety vests, and gloves. If you are planning on picking up litter around the city, the Mayor’s Office asks you to call 203-797- 4511 to let them know what area you're working in so they can provide you with supplies and know where to pick up your garbage.

Whether you want to volunteer on Clean City - Danbury Day or you just want to clean up around your own home and property, all the information about what you can dump and where, is available at

A clean environment makes us all breathe easier.

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