Don't miss Classic Rock - Coming to a theater near you...every weekend.

As a weekly movie-goer I honestly can't recall the last time I watched the trailers without hearing a classic rock song. It really is impressive when you think about how much our favorite genre of music is used to entice moviegoers to return to the theater. Combined with creative cinematography and sharp editing, classic rock can prove to be a powerful ingredient when Hollywood attempts to create the perfect trailer.

Let's take a look at some new trailers featuring some of classic rock's greatest songs.

Is there a better band to go to than AC/DC when promoting a movie about a bad-ass vigilante? I think not. Check out this trailer for the remake of Death Wish starring Bruce Willis. In it you'll hear Angus Young's iconic riff for "Back In Black" lay the groundwork for some eye-popping action sequences:

Steven Spielberg + Rush + "Tom Sawyer" = Movie Magic. Take a look at this trailer for Spielberg's upcoming sci-fi film Ready Player One:

From the land of ice and snow comes Thor and his Hammer of the Gods courtesy of Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song". It's rare that the mighty Zep gives permission to use their music in a film. Thankfully they gave the "o.k." on this one. It's a match made in hammer heaven:

Unless you're a big Jane's Addiction fan you may not recognize the song used in this trailer. In the promo for the remake of Flatliners the 1988 Jane's Addiction track "Up The Beach" is used to give the audience a feeling of impending doom heading their way. This is a spot-on use of an underrated Jane's album track that is dark, gothic and foreboding:

Finally, here's a trailer for "All the Money in the World" featuring the 1968 song "Time of the Season" by The Zombies. Watch and listen as the song is paced out beautifully with the shifting scenes and there's an emphasis on the lyrics to drive the plot of the film:

O.K. That's it for the classic rock trailers. Now it's time for the feature presentation...which will likely include even more awesome classic rock songs!

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