This is bonkers. What 63 year old looks like this? It's not real. It's not good genetics, it's not good plastic surgeons. It's simple, she is an alien. She is not from Earth, she is from a far off planet. I intend on going to this planet. I will bring with me precious metals and chocolate and become it's ruler. Now I just need a space ship.

Think about it though. She did her first Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover in February of 1979. I was not even born then.

Sports Illustrated
Sports Illustrated

This woman is a mutant in the best way possible. My question is, how long can she stay hot? Can she make it to 70? How bout 80? What if she is a hot 90 year old. I won't know what to do with my emotions. Is it OK to think a 90 year old is hot? She is testing the laws of nature and pushing the boundaries of attraction to new limits. Good for you Christie. Now, take me to your leader.

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