A local boy was on his way home from school to enjoy his weekend on Friday (September 13) but suddenly found himself to be the center of attention when the poor little guy ended up getting his finger stuck inside one of the school bus' seat belt buckles.

Danbury Fire Department

As members of the New Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department and New Fairfield EMS attempted to free the 5-year-old's finger, members of the Danbury Fire Department were called in to the Emergency Room at Danbury Hospital to see if they can lend a hand.

The Danbury FD says that after several unsuccessful attempts to remove the seat belt buckle manually through your standard household methods -- ice, oil, the "string trick" etc., firefighters from Danbury's Rescue 1 decided to use their high-speed diamond blade and Dremel tool.

Danbury Fire Department

According to a report from the CT Post, Danbury fire officials said that “Due to the length of time of the entrapment, there was significant edema in the soft tissue of the involved finger. The patient and his father were advised that we would have to remove the hardened steel buckle with our Dremel tool using a high-speed diamond cutter. The patient was shown the tool and the procedure was explained to him.”

Once the seat belt buckle was successfully removed, fire officials say "the child was evaluated and later released from the ER. Another fine job by Rescue 1."

So there you have it. Once again, all's well that ends well thanks to the wonderful first responders from both Danbury and New Fairfield.