Ben Bailey is best known for his work on the Emmy Award winning show "Cash Cab."

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But Bailey had been a popular stand-up comedian long before he got behind the wheel of the comedy quiz cab. While Cash Cab's 500 episodes stream in syndication all over the world, Bailey is out on stages across the country.

You won't have to chase Ben Bailey far and wide and you won't be able to see him behind the wheel of a cab but you can see him at Danbury's historic Palace Theater on Saturday, January 13th 2024.

Tickets for this event are very affordable ranging from $39-50. General seating will cost $39 and the VIP seating/Meet & Greet are $50. There is free and convenient parking in the rear of the Palace at 165 Main Street in Danbury.

For tickets and information call the box-office at (203)794-9944.

Palace Danbury
Palace Danbury

Ben Bailey was a guest on the I-95 Morning Show years ago when Cash Cab was still on the air. I remember he had great stories about his time behind the wheel and he was a very gracious guy. I'm looking forward to him coming to the Hat City and I hope this is the start of many more stand-up shows of this level.

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I live in Downtown Danbury and I really want the Palace to become the local entertainment hub it once was. There is something so special about that venue and It doesn't hurt that I can walk there from my place and not break a sweat.

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