You think you know Connecticut? I've spent the last few days pouring over maps and finding that there are many towns that sound similar in our state. I've got a quiz for you, name all twelve towns in Connecticut that end with the suffix 'FIELD'.

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Hint: Most of the towns that end with 'Field' are in the Western and central parts of Connecticut. Ready?

Can You Name All 12 Connecticut Towns That End With 'Field'?

Here's a quiz to test your knowledge of Connecticut: Twelve of our towns end with the suffix "Field' in our state, can you name them?

Gallery Credit: Google

Can You Name Ten Towns in Connecticut That End With 'Bury'?

If you live in Connecticut, chances are that your city or town ends with a suffix. There are ten towns in Connecticut that end with "Bury", can you name all of them?

Gallery Credit: Google Maps

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