According to a press release from today (12/12) the Bethel Police Department is looking for your help with information about a vehicle that was involved in a fatal hit-and-run crash.

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That horrible incident happened on Friday, December 9th at about 4:40, according to an earlier press release:

On 12/09/2022 at about 4:40 PM, The Bethel Police Department responded to a fatal hit and run crash that occurred on Route 6 (Stony Hill Road) near the Stony Hill Diner.

An adult male pedestrian was struck and killed by an unknown vehicle that was traveling Westbound towards Danbury. Anyone who witnessed this incident to call Officer Ammon at the Bethel Police Department.

The new press release on Facebook features a couple of images to help identify the vehicle that was possibly involved in the tragic crash. They are looking for a possible red 2010-2015 Honda Accord Crosstour and if anyone has any information they should call Sergeant Christos at (203) 744-7900 extension 166 or you can email him, the email address is

Bethel Police Department
Bethel Police Department

It is a nightmare scenario for anyone if they experience this happening to a loved one. Just this evening on the way home I had a "shake my head" moment as I was traveling home on I-84 just after the "super 7" junction, a small Mini-Cooper came flying up from behind and got within a foot of my bumper, keep in mind we are all going about 75 MPH and my little-car-owning buddy wanted to go at least 90. He swerved around me, cut off about 5 other people, and disappeared into the Waterbury exit. It is an absolute miracle that we make it home each night considering how some folks drive out there, and this incident should remind us to be careful and slow the f*** down!

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