Imagine if you will a robot wheeling into your hospital room with very, very bad news.

From, comes a story about Ernest Quintana who was taken by ambulance to the Kaiser Permanente Medical Center's ER in SanFrancisco because he couldn't breathe. After being transferred to the intensive care unit, a robot machine came rolling into Quintana's room that showed a video from the doctor that informed him he would likely die within a few days. Quintana's daughter, Cathy told Fox11 News,

If you're coming to tell us normal news, that's fine, but if you're coming to tell us there's no lung left and we want to put you on a morphine drip until you die, it should be done by a human being and not a machine.

Quintana's granddaughter, Annalisia who was in the hospital went on to say that when the roving robot doctor entered her grandfather's room, he was having trouble breathing but still the video began talking to him about his case. She said her grandfather was also hard of hearing in his right ear and the robot doctor wasn't able to maneuver to that side of the bed.

Hospital administration officials claimed that video conferencing has 'worked wonders' for their patients and the patient's families because they're warm and intimate. Would you agree that there's nothing 'warm and intimate' about a doctor's robot video message telling a patient they most likely will not be going home because they're going to die!


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